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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

beehive ARTbox


MINI MOUSE HOUSE - create a world of miniatures 
ART CLOCK - design your own clock
BUILD - construct a wood sculpture, structure, building, landscape 
CREATE -  mixed media collage on frames, cards+tags, mini masterpieces

Wow-za! We are so excited about the great ARTbox response we've had!  We've been shipping  ARTboxes all over the country and beyond. 
A smile comes to my face when I think about all of the children who have received 
ARTboxes this  holiday season!  I love sending them out, spreading a piece of
beehive ART to those who cannot visit the studio. No two ARTboxes are the same, every box has a little BEEHIVE surprise. Each ARTbox is prepped and packed at the beehive studio. 

We've got more up our sleeves..   get your ART! 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

beehive ART boxes

 WE are so happy to be spreading the word about our beehive ART boxes. We've put together our favorite materials and methods from the studio and put them in a box for you. 
 OPEN the box and explore!   
get your beehive ART box  here 



                                            coming soon.. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

ART BOXES in the house!

 Last week was a good time to get busy 
stacking, sorting, snipping and sifting for beehive ART boxes. 
Sam created a colorful assembly line that I couldn't resist sharing...the colors, textures, shapes and a whole lot of creative energy! What's inside the ART box is chock full of colored papers and tissues, note cards and matte board, sequins, yarn, ribbons, watercolor paints and glue, felt, pompoms and beads. 

  No two boxes are exactly alike!   
Available at the studio $20.00  Ready to ship $27.00