Friday, May 29, 2015

indigo.. continues

  Wrapping things up with our indigo quilts..
 beautiful images of the girls tying their quilts off.

We sewed and dyed
pillow cases to match.
I am SO proud of these girls.. 
sweet dreams beehive sewers! 

in case you missed it, 
click here for first indigo quilt post.

Dad's Day Poster

We all want to make something really special and one of a kind for dad for Father's Day. Last June we made these SUPER RAD DAD posters for our beehive dads, they were a big hit in the studio and again at home. We use 12" x 18" matte board, you can also use any card stock or heavy weight paper. I love using  paper stencils, an easy hardware store find... they usually come in two sizes and I often mix them up and use both. Watercolor resist (oil pastel and watercolor paint) is a favorite technique that we use here to create these posters. 

- stencils
- matte board
- pencil
- sharpie marker
- oil pastels
- watercolor paint and brushes
- paper towel

1.  Stencil your message with pencil and outline the letters with a sharpie. 

2.  Draw with oil pastels... play with color groups or patterns or just go nuts with lots of color.

3.  Paint over the oil pastel with the watercolor paint. The areas where you haven't used the oil pastel will absorb the paint and the areas with the pastel will resist it. Have a paper towel nearby to dab up the excess paint. Too much paint can dissolve the paper. 

4. Let your poster dry 

5. GO find your super rad dad !!

Friday, May 22, 2015

wood sculptures

wood pieces, sharpie marker, wood glue, watercolor paint

I love everything about these sculptures. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Nod Bookmobile

WE were honored to have these lovely ladies and 
The Nod Bookmobile visit the studio this weekend. 

The bus is loaded with fun games, toys, books, pillows, poofs,  rugs and tee pee. 
Jen and Tatiana work their magic to create the most inviting
 magical setting for children of all ages. 

Story time, campfire, s'mores, bag races and lots of super hero fun was had.
Little Golden books were sold to benefit Milk and Bookies, a non profit organization that donates books to children in need. 

           And they're off to spread more magic and wonder.
 So long Nod Bookmobile ! 

The Land of Nod 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

6 o'clock shadows

     I couldn't resist the shadows and color bursts. 
I just dyed beehive tees for my friends
 from The Land of Nod. They'll be here Saturday 
on their Nod Bookmobile, we're very excited! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

earth day terrariums

Inspiration hit while taking a terrarium workshop at the Sweet Paul Makerie at Terrain. Megan's instruction was fun, easy and infectious,
 I knew I wanted to make these with the beehive kids. 
 I prepped a  kid friendly version, collecting small plants, ferns, stones, bark and moss.
 I opted to use plastic liners versus glass, not my first choice 
but the kids could create their environments with ease, securing the plants, moss and small stones. We topped the terrariums off with colorful model magic butterflies, snails, salamanders, frogs, ponds and oodles of assorted bugs.