Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shantell Martin Continuous Line

Who says?

 Who says you can't draw on your walls?
Or door, bed, chair, car or sneakers?

Shantell Martin here.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

high five Early SPRING Session!

It is hard to believe we are 
about to JUMP into the
Early SPRING Session 
at Beehive.
JOIN us for
6 weeks of 
bold color,
 good music, 
some dancing,
great jokes, 
a few tricks!

 fave image here


I keep coming  across these precious creations and had to share.
I love everything about them, the colors, the materials, the tiny precise details
 and really...want to crawl into that studio.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

heart of hearts

                                           Happy Valentines Day!

6.7. 8.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Potato Heart by Jason Polan

Jason Polan

I like making potato prints and thought it might be a nice way to make a piece of art with a heart. I bought a potato and cut a notch on the top of it. Each cross section of the potato was then in the shape of a heart. For each artwork, I would cut a sliver of the potato away, add paint and make the print. The first ones were small hearts. The hearts got bigger until the thickest middle part of the potato and then again got smaller until there was nothing left of the potato. Each person that gets one of the pieces will get their own, they will each be different (I only made one print per cut). Each piece is part of that one potato. Some of the prints are more heart looking than others because of the lumps and bumps in the potato but all are hearts. The edition size was to be however many the potato would make. This potato made 32. I numbered the prints in order of printing so the first few (1 thru 3) and the last few (30 thru 32) were smaller hearts than the middle ones (15 thru 17). They were printed on Fabriano 4.5"x6.7" (115x170mm) paper and are all signed and dated (all on the back). Maybe you can give one to somebody you love (or maybe somebody you love will give one to you).


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sweets for your Sweet

mini heart pillows 
chocolate candy towers 
stop by the studio or 
find at beehive art etsy shop

winter PRINTS

Each child  printed a series of mono prints onto one big piece of paper. 
As always, I loved watching the kids, 
and how they loaded up their plates with great color designs and  carefully placed plates onto their paper. Some created a neat grid while others overlapped the prints.
The results? All of the surprise of a pulled monoprint with magnificent color x 4 (5 or 6). 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mind The Gap

I just found these gems on Pinterest,
starting my Monday off with a big blast of color and inspiration. love.

"Mind The Gap" is a colourway inspired by the London Underground, and features the twelve iconic colours of the Tube map. Socks in "Mind The Gap" are the perfect portable knitting project for your daily commute! 
This is a self striping sock yarn, which means it will pattern into bold, colourful stripes as you knit. Each stripe will be five or six rows wide (12mm, half an inch) depending on your gauge and the number of stitches you cast on. The sequence of colours will vary between dye lots, and will not necessarily be in the same order as the sock in the photograph. 

from trailing clouds

Friday, February 1, 2013


This week we've been doing some serious 
wrapping of yarn over balloons.  
Its a slippery slope to start, 
but once the ballon has a solid base 
of yarn it's a breeze and really fun.
                              The key = gobs of glue. 
                                 And I'm not kidding.