Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ART studios for kids

Talk about inspiration, Meri Cherry has got it going on
 every single day, honestly cannot keep up with her! 
Honored to be included here in her pick of incredible inspired art studios for kids 

I love looking into spaces and creative places for children. Everyone has a different vision but we all mostly have the same mission.  When I first started summer ART, carrying Eli on my hip, I had classes in my kitchen, back porch and backyard - it was perfect. It almost doesn't matter about the space, it's the energy you bring to it. 
It's about the kids and they make the space. 
We moved beehive two years ago.  At the time, it was a sad day for us as we left our spacious studio with a cute store front. We've settled into our new home  and I LOVE it. It's small and efficient. Everything has its place, it's bright and cheery. It comes with incredible sunlight and a beautiful outdoor space. It's a space for kids. 
Below is Meri's outdoor art space which I am cuckoo over. 
I want to spend the afternoon in there with her and her girls making ART. 

Read more about art, kids, life here meri cherry blog.
Thank you Meri. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

INDIGO inspired quilts

This past winter I have had the opportunity to sew with a great group of children.  We've made pillows, wallets, tote and  drawstring bags, headbands and an assortment of garlands and holiday decorations.  
As I was looking for fabrics for a quilt project, I had the idea that they could create their own fabrics, making their quilts truly unique works of art.  I remembered that Susanna gave me an indigo dye kit (buy yours here) that I had wanted to experiment with. 
I LOVE it when things work out this way and I bought a boat load of crispy cotton muslin. 
We rolled, folded, twisted and tied up big squares of fabric. Everyone had four big pieces of rolled up tied up twisted muslin to dye. 
The process of the dye bath is a little tricky but we fell into the groove and cheered each other on as the results are truly magical. We spent two classes dying fabric for the quilts. The directions included in the kit are very specific and easy to follow. 
The sewing was a breeze.. everyone had 16 squares to work with, 4 squares from each of the 4 pieces of fabric they dyed. They then chose 4 pieces to match and sew together to make new larger squares, piecing and patch working together. 

bundling, tying, twisting muslin
                                                        squeezing fabric in dye bath
unwrapping first batch of indigo 

                                                                     hanging to dry

                                                        sewing squares of dyed indigo 

 We  are still working on the quilts, we've got batting and backs to tackle next. 
 I  couldn't wait any longer to share the process so far, I am so proud of these kids. 
 YAY INDIGO!   and thank you Susanna for the kit! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sweet Paul Makerie

WHAT does a girl say when her friend asks her to go to the 
Sweet Paul Makerie Workshop?
She says.. yes please and thank you. 

I teach and explore ART with children.  I offer classes, workshops and throw in a birthday party here and there.  I love what I do. I've operated beehive ART, an art studio for children, for 7 years.  I have explored ART with children for 20. I love the surprise, the reflection and exploration with children. My mission is to offer them the time, the space and the materials to get lost in their creativity. And allow them to run with it.

And now, it was MY turn!

I was so excited about the retreat.
to get away after this long winter.
to be inspired, to learn, explore and create.  
to be a kid. to laugh. to have time to reflect. 
to be with my good friend.
to step out of the driver's seat and let go.

I had some idea what I was getting into as Leslie had filled me in about last year's event. But this was something else.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Alice in Wonderland? Mary Poppins?  It was all of that and a whole lot more. Pleasant surprises and delicious creativity. I was humming and buzzing and purring all weekend.  

Thank you Paul and Paul and Ali and Krissa for creating such a truly amazing experience for each of us.  Thank you for the the opportunity to let ourselves get lost in our own world of  ideas, thoughts and inspiration. Thank you for rejuvenating and restoring the compassion of creativity we all carry with us, but don't often have the time to explore. Thank you for being so good to us, a reminder that we need to be good (better) to ourselves.  Thank you for making us laugh, a lot.

And a big huge thank you to my lovely friend Leslie for making it all possible for me. I loved every moment.  Here's to many more excursions with you and I promise to be a better navigator on the way home. xx


The stunning setting for this event was held at Terrain at Styers
If you haven't been to Terrain here 
or in Westport CT it is a must. 
 YOU will be swept away. 

and while you're at it..

Monday, April 6, 2015