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Saturday, January 2, 2016

studio set-ups

I know I'm not alone looking back over the year. I have oodles of images of children's ART from beehive classes, workshops and programs. And yes, the ART was incredible.  I had nothing to do with that except present the materials + methods + maybe some good tunes. It's always about the kids and the energy created for and by them. 

One thing I love to do is document the studio set-ups. The time before the paint flys and the energy is through the roof. It's a little nerve wracking but in a good follow your gut way with a variety of great materials, spectrum of colors and fun.  It's like setting up for a party and your best friends are coming.  It needs to be inviting and oozing with special excitement. 

It can be simple. Simple as markers + stickers on small papers, colored pencils or watercolors on strips of white fabric.  
It can be more involved. Like bookmaking, sewing or sculpture. 
What ever it is you've got up your sleeve, pay attention to make great.  So great that those small hands with big minds cannot resist the temptation to dive in and get lost. 

It all matters. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

early bird color

                                            summer ART 15     week one 

                                   painting   printing   mobiles   starfish   lanterns

Friday, May 29, 2015

indigo.. continues

  Wrapping things up with our indigo quilts..
 beautiful images of the girls tying their quilts off.

We sewed and dyed
pillow cases to match.
I am SO proud of these girls.. 
sweet dreams beehive sewers! 

in case you missed it, 
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

earth day terrariums

Inspiration hit while taking a terrarium workshop at the Sweet Paul Makerie at Terrain. Megan's instruction was fun, easy and infectious,
 I knew I wanted to make these with the beehive kids. 
 I prepped a  kid friendly version, collecting small plants, ferns, stones, bark and moss.
 I opted to use plastic liners versus glass, not my first choice 
but the kids could create their environments with ease, securing the plants, moss and small stones. We topped the terrariums off with colorful model magic butterflies, snails, salamanders, frogs, ponds and oodles of assorted bugs. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

INDIGO inspired quilts

This past winter I have had the opportunity to sew with a great group of children.  We've made pillows, wallets, tote and  drawstring bags, headbands and an assortment of garlands and holiday decorations.  
As I was looking for fabrics for a quilt project, I had the idea that they could create their own fabrics, making their quilts truly unique works of art.  I remembered that Susanna gave me an indigo dye kit (buy yours here) that I had wanted to experiment with. 
I LOVE it when things work out this way and I bought a boat load of crispy cotton muslin. 
We rolled, folded, twisted and tied up big squares of fabric. Everyone had four big pieces of rolled up tied up twisted muslin to dye. 
The process of the dye bath is a little tricky but we fell into the groove and cheered each other on as the results are truly magical. We spent two classes dying fabric for the quilts. The directions included in the kit are very specific and easy to follow. 
The sewing was a breeze.. everyone had 16 squares to work with, 4 squares from each of the 4 pieces of fabric they dyed. They then chose 4 pieces to match and sew together to make new larger squares, piecing and patch working together. 

bundling, tying, twisting muslin
                                                        squeezing fabric in dye bath
unwrapping first batch of indigo 

                                                                     hanging to dry

                                                        sewing squares of dyed indigo 

 We  are still working on the quilts, we've got batting and backs to tackle next. 
 I  couldn't wait any longer to share the process so far, I am so proud of these kids. 
 YAY INDIGO!   and thank you Susanna for the kit!